Kurt Peters


My name is Kurt Peters and I have been in web development for almost 4 years now. My work has me focused on both front-end and back-end technologies including ASP.NET (C#), MSSQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I find coding enjoyable and taking on new things can be rewarding and a great learning experience!


Map to Globe

A tool that allows your to upload an image and see it overlayed on a sphere (i.e. a globe). It has since ballooned to include map projection switching, a generator, animation, atmosphere, and simple sketching.

Scotch Malt Map

Made for Reddit's /r/scotch community. The original was just a static image, and searching for text on the page wasn't possible. It's now grown to include prices, reviews, and even a location map!

Chessable (Part-Time)

On ocassion, I have contributed new features and improving existing ones.

Simple Chat

My first project using node.js. A pretty basic chat program.


A simple page that shows your local weather with a pretty picture based on the current conditions. Uses wunderground.com's API.

Solar System

My first real project. I wanted something to show the solar system in some sort of scale (though I never did get the starting positions to be correct).



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | 2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Professional Work

Web Developer | Seagull Scientific, Inc. | July 2012 - Present

The company recently release a brand new website that utilizes the Umbraco CMS platform. I worked alongside a contractor during the initial development of the new site and since its release have been in charge maintenance, bug fixes, and new features. I am also responsible for the companies services that are using Amazon Web Services.